It’s quite and deep as gets more dark,

wind is still and heart races fast,

few steps look me miles,

trembling legs as reaching house.

Lights are out, sitting cat on fence,

flashing eyes of her, my hope for tonight,

with next foot in, fresh air to lungs,

some sweat droplets on forehead.

What scares most ain’t no shadows,

but callous smile of Mr. 

at end of evening with pungent watch

piercing through my body to soul.

Seems this existence oppressive to some,

put their effort to suffocate me more,

yet I won’t give up to walk alone,

and dare you to cross my path!

Touch of a passerby.

Is just a touch of passerby?

or you wish to speak when I cross!

things you think I understand

might be I long to listen.

I see you at threshold of summer

yellow with red twirl on top,

a sweet surrender of  shiny armor,

you embrace this barren husk.

Prudent smile on lightening eves,

slight of shivers on snowy days,

yet heads up and straight spine

thought full with mischievous breeze. 

In hope to flourish in soon spring

bit of laughter in summer night

with a touch of passerby.. 



Those gleaming,

bit shy evening,

she dressed herself 

in bright coral.

Matched her lips

with glossy crimson

sitting in corner

yet so captivating.

The essence of her

so prominent 

in wrapped red.



Just kept walking

ain’t in search of anything

in hope of something,

beyond to reach though 

rather a dream in dream  itself.

Did cast off what held back

only embraced true entity,

when need be, alone speaks soul

else door shut for mundane annoyance.


Shades of dramatic!

Slowly steadily losing

all that greed

in form of desire.

Deficit of appeal

else verge of saturation.

Loss of interest or

state of transcendence? 

Stare in infinity

with empty mind,

Or extinguishing 

the urge of more?

So it’s true,

or shades of dramatic!