Shades of dramatic!

Slowly steadily losing

all that greed

in form of desire.

Deficit of appeal

else verge of saturation.

Loss of interest or

state of transcendence? 

Stare in infinity

with empty mind,

Or extinguishing 

the urge of more?

So it’s true,

or shades of dramatic!



An aura filled 

with cognizance

of desolation

tinge of pain


hard to reach


deep down

aching, aching.

An outcome

of emotions

piled on 

day by day

every day.

A pain so 

is to hard

to bear now

wish I could

just deluge

thus set me free.







this morning after night

After waking up,

need an hour to wake up.

It was dark long night,

with restless nightmare.

Cold feet make it hard,

to walk around in house.

Let me settle down,

immerse in this still air.

Everything at place,

like I left before going to bed.

Only tomato plant grew bit,

yellow roses all dried in vase.

Little drizzle outside ,

bathing landscapes and tall trees.

So much to do, many things in head,

for this day ahead.

Before make I move,

wish to indulge more in serenity,

of this morning after night.



Closed eyes with heartily desire,

an array of images drawn around.


Thread the rain drops in silk breeze,

an exquisite jewel for picturesque night. 


Few bare steps on morning dew,

and so dawn of  this new verse.


Hence receive an applause from nature,

as plunge of first red  oak leaf .








I am your girl

So when you say, she is my girl

a smile foreseen with blush  

what if I revise and

look into your eyes

make you smile with

scarlet on your cheeks

Do you forgive me?

and say it loud again, she is my girl.

In my distress and disaster

all crying nights

and soggy mornings 

you’ve been there 

to hold my hands

and whisper in my ear

that I am your girl.



With a cliche of despair

few tears of agony

waiting for their turn

at the corner of eye,

to roll back on cheeks

or else dry up in own.

Speaks the language

understand by some

in a moment of glory

shines to introduce itself

fine way to essence

while sight surrounds 

with clutter of darkness.