Walk like a star

Ignite that idea, you had it years back

things you aspire to, when a small kid

do not give up on that one dream

no matter how insane might it seem.

Endurance your one true companion

make no room for alluring apathy

success has its many definitions

let values describe your true self.

Do not rush, yet do not stop

hope in heart, keep focus in eyes

wear smile, your frill for day

there might be some flashes

to capture your glimpse

so keep your chin up

and walk like a star.


Here again….

Here again received a letter from ‘them’

full with admiration, and many possibilities

gave a new hope for strings of aspirations

prepared a draft of reply to do next morning

full of energy and freshness in thoughts.

Now all I have to do is keep waiting

secret prayer along side of pounding heart,

this is something I wanted for so long

after halt of few days could hear from them back

with some praise and Rejection in bold

didn’t not forget to wish me luck on future ahead.

So here I am back to reality of my clutter

broken pieces on floor from last night’s dream

ready to be wiped and back to bin

here again gather my self to kick start for day.  


Jewel of a day

When he asked about how is today?

made me puzzle to help him this way!

 I see blue sky with patches of cloud,

 well how I skip the colossal rainbow! 

and what green feels like?

So I framed it warm & gentle,

enough to make smile all.

Birds are singing loud melody

as mark of pleasure only for you.

So my dear friend, hold my hand,

across the road we have a lake,

water is still, cold & fresh!

sink yourself and take a dip,

feel the flow on your palm.

When you put your back,

next to me on velvet grass,

you might feel a tiny pebble

keep it safe in a fist,

take home as jewel of a day!



It’s quiet and deep as gets more dark,

wind is still and heart races fast,

few steps look me miles,

trembling legs as reaching house.

Lights are out, sitting cat on fence,

flashing eyes of her, my hope for tonight,

with next foot in, fresh air to lungs,

some sweat droplets on forehead.

What scares most ain’t no shadows,

but callous smile of Mr. 

at end of evening with pungent watch

piercing through my body to soul.

Seems this existence oppressive to some,

put their effort to suffocate me more,

yet I won’t give up to walk alone,

and dare you to cross my path!

Touch of a passerby.

Is just a touch of passerby?

or you wish to speak when I cross!

things you think I understand

might be I long to listen.

I see you at threshold of summer

yellow with red twirl on top,

a sweet surrender of  shiny armor,

you embrace this barren husk.

Prudent smile on lightening eves,

slight of shivers on snowy days,

yet heads up and straight spine

thought full with mischievous breeze. 

In hope to flourish in soon spring

bit of laughter in summer night

with a touch of passerby.. 



Those gleaming,

bit shy evening,

she dressed herself 

in bright coral.

Matched her lips

with glossy crimson

sitting in corner

yet so captivating.

The essence of her

so prominent 

in wrapped red.