Bag full of dreams


In one summer noon, earned those coins from day’s work,

Enough to make me jump in air, sing out loud,

I looked at my fist and felt so rich,

Now I can buy what I wish for.

So I walked to the Moon street,

Ask the master “can I get a ride through the galaxies”?

He nodded and I moved further staring at my fist.

Stopped by the sea side and looked up for swim with Dolphins,

They started showing off with splash on me.

Hence I ran fast to reach to noisy Blue Jays,

Borrowed her tiny wings for a little,

She flew away with ignorance.

Staring at my fist again with fading smile

In the end saw this old man,

What you got, I asked him,

A bag full of dreams, he replied with twinkle in his eyes,

Can I buy some?

As much as you want!


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