Wish of a pollen grain!



Was curious to see what lays ahead,

in search of me on barren field,

Hence I walked little bit too fast.

acquaintances left far behind,

as they could not match my pace.

the path was new unknown to me

yet I followed my heart to end up there,

I resisted the flow of wind.

stopped by the lake,

to catch up my breath.

Rest a while and straighten up.

touched shiny petal staring at me,

And whispered good-bye,

I am heading towards where I belong.

I made companion with spring,

Giggled along and shared some jokes,

fell on ground with joy in me,

And all I wish to bloom again as white lily.



One thought on “Wish of a pollen grain!

  1. Thank you all for liking my post, it gives me enough courage to come out of cacoon and follow my heart. I always believed I am no good at writing untill now with all your appreciation. Still learning to go further. Thanx again xx

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