Monday blues!!

Who came up with this term ‘Monday blues”? Why we strive for weekends, always looking for free time to do things we love to do, spend time with family. Why we look for vacation as a break from work? Who laid the foundation of this routine, which we follow halfheartedly, do the job which we don’t like. Spending half of present time worrying about future, have we stopped thinking or just closed our eyes, why we don’t wanna understand that root of all problem is structure of our social system, a system which entirely monetary based thriving for profit, and yes I heard the word ‘profit’is filthy, so thus its implications.

If we really want to get over with the disparity of living standards, to live a healthy and happy life while doing the things we always want to do without worrying about monetary security we all have to wake up, we all have to open our eyes and think logically. Why can’t our science and technology used in uppermost manner of advancement to uplift the humanity, despite running under only the profit making companies. Why can’t we use air, solar, and geothermal energy which is in abandon and stop drilling oceans in greed of more and more oil. The list is endless once we start looking in different way than what our brain is programmed/  manipulated over years. The answer is here;

My point is why being highly educated we are still ignorant? Why we don’t want to see the real problem and take stride I am not talking about long term problems of Poverty, Politics and War. Everyone is talking about these existing problem but very few have solution, Rather I am proposing a solution on behalf of The Venus Project, which is based on Resource based economy and entirely discarding the long term monetary based economy. 


I don’t want to be ashamed in front of my children when they ask me what was I doing when the environment, humanity. nature was being wrecked by the people itself of the society??



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