My education, to pay off my debts.

Everybody has skill to do things creatively and make a difference but it’s been tagged as high risk. Wonder why? What this risk stands for? Is it actually threatening your life or your loved ones? No, in reality all the risks associated with monetary loss! Sad but true and that is how the entire social system works. You are successful with huge wealthy gain or a failure with loss of money.

I confronted with this concept of Monetary regulations only when I realised why can’t I be happy with my current job profile, simple reason the benefits I get in return are nothing to do with my personal choice or growth, everything is related if I make good money, to pay off debts??

That is what we have been taught, you become a doctor, engineer or architect ect, main motive behind it which offers best pay grade irrespective the main duty comes along the particular designation.

According to census 2011, literacy rate in India is 74.04% now do not get confuse that this percentage of people are literally literate, if only they can write and spell their names correctly they are termed as literate.

So when it comes to their own choice they cannot defend themselves due to lack of logical plethora which is very important to beat others in place to stand right.

And these are the people who believe that poverty is part of life just because they do not have enough education to get high paying job and support their family, so be happy poor. They do not think why this economy is regulating them, even when they have talents and resources.

Let’s have a look on a simple example of farmers across India, they have big agricultural lands, climate and other resources but instead of good crops there are more death, same reason at the end of the season they do not have enough money to pay off debts.

Students on other hand study so hard all their life to get a dream job, most of the time it’s their parents dream and then start paying your education loan as soon as you get a job. What is a point of this education and job which gives you debts more than a real knowledge. And the banks I call them regulators of society comes in picture with high interest rate, varies from 3.5 to 11.75% depending on your education and bank you are dealing with.

Now in series of how education is related to pay off debts my recent encounter of my credit card bill, I took a credit card as it was easy to get since I had a nice paying job in India to keep in mind I have a ‘good education’  so after losing my job shouldn’t be I entitled off for any debts??

No that is not a scenario, the agents from credit card company will call me 10 times a day, if I tell them I do not have a source of income to pay off debts, it does not matter to them. Even if they issued me credit card on basis of my previous job title. Even after strict regulation of central bank the credit card companies do what they want.

The irony is same time I get bulk of mails for new credit card.

So where I stand? I have to get a job and pay off debts, that’s all we do.  And my education going to help me to find a nice paying job.

On my daily conversation when I ask my friends so what’s new in life? I usually get upset and irritated with almost same replies, ‘just office and home’ or ‘new job’ or ‘job training’. Ok then why the hell do you complain about things in life when this is new in your life.

We all are so blinded by this monetary based system that we hardly take time to analyse that this is the root  of all problems.

What a five year old will learn when only thing is brainwashed to him is higher your education will turn out high- grade job, thus you are rich and successful. This is a definition a child learns about society and education.

And when we turn 25, few rich and successful but mostly beating bush around to justify their education by earning money. A friend of mine software engineer by education but could not get a job of software engineer, hence working as sales profile just because it is earning lot of money.  And the company hired him, also looking for person with professional education irrelevant to the job profile as long as he/she can sell.

And I really work to change the things which seems wrong to me not just preach and leave it as it was.


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