Step Away from the Phone and Return to Practice, Please.

Absolutely, well described.


girl texting

Cell phones.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, most of us are conditioned to respond to every ping or vibration that indicates a new text, email or Facebook like. And while there are many, many benefits to having technology literally at our fingertips, there are downsides as well. And those downsides are extending to your practices coaches, as you might have noticed (that is if you aren’t too busy texting…).

Look, I love my cell phone. I love that my kids have cell phones that allow me to check in (and up) on them. It gives me a peace of mind to know that they can contact me when they need me.

But it is one thing to be out in a public place, not under supervision of adults and where there are no landline phones whose numbers are in your possession.  And it is quite different to be at practice under the…

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