Ever wonder, doors you walk in everyday

why they seem different today?

I turned around and looked at the wall

adjacent to with big plant blooming.

When did this happen, asked myself

It was same door I walked out in noon.

Or am I at wrong house number?

scratched my head and asked again??

Since when I liked green paint on door,

it’s all confusion of my own house

So I decided to juggle myself

some brainstorming can works wonder,

Might help to understand this situation

After couple of minutes, see it was easy

as I convinced myself it can not be delusion

of last night’s wines which I had little much

Neither I can be this forgetful to mark changes

which I might have added last week of month

Anyways without further due I must act fast

before my evening which had some plans get ruins

and top of that later I blame on my gypsy soul.

While all these ideas and thoughts in my head

I did realize one of many side effects 

of  very infamous Insomnia.

Everything at place like years before

only I need some goodnight sleep.

Though not sure, if I wonder tomorrow again. 



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