Wish I had a Sister…








Wish I had a sister,

not younger than me 

neither older to me

some what of same age

wish I had a sister.

My best friend from begin

One with I could share clothes

And secrets under  pillow

I make her hair 

and she might chop mine off

I don’t mind, I just wish….

Wish I had a sister.

Not alike but an alter ego

Other half of me where I console

Where she buried her tears 

And spread smile with both hands

I just wish , I had a sister.

At 12 we fight to be right 

But at 16 standing by eachother side

While growing up and falling in love

She would ‘ve been one

To back up with stories

No matter how time flies

We held on to one another

And I only wish I had a sister.

At 21 we might take different path

In seek of ourselves let go eachother

With a promise to find back 

When one calls no matter how far

After time passed and at 28 

We still share clothes.

Oh I wish I had a sister.

Now we made some decision 

For ourselves, for life ahead

One of us might be getting married

And both of us happy for other

We had different dreams 

Though it involved us

Of being sisters with selfless love

And heart full of joy.

So when I am 40 

I might going to  write 

Once again 

Wish I had a sister…




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