101 Letters to me

“It’s been a month there is no action from you on Facebook, checked your number again in my phone-book but not able to send you any text. At first it made me worry about your well being still I didn’t bother to send you an email, it’s so old fashioned and who calls now a days, so hey if you are not whatsapping, sharing status actually you don’t count.”

That’s what I thought, after a month of detachment from social media. you might feel lonely at times as virtually you have no one to talk, but literally you have whole world. Take this is an opportunity to dig in new subjects, make new friends, friends of different age, different social background, friends who share same initial, friend who fond of computer gaming, friend who hate reading, friend who is multilingual. Develop a hobby, relive your dream or just take a step forward towards a better version of yourself.

Live, smile, love without complaining.

With Regards,



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