You are you no matter if it’s dark or light.

P.C. myiphone#


Perfect View

Drizzles from last night still hanging on my window

Wind is quite might visiting neighborhood

Little hope of sunrise coming through grey clouds

In this chilly morning wish to step outside

Frozen grass leaves at the verge to breakout

Barren trees standing straight to bloom again

And my naked eyes looks up in sky

In urge of warmth through sun beam

Before I move and forget this day

I must capture picture in head

As there is chance of wind coming back

In form of stormy night at end of this day.

© ikbenmanisha25. All rights reserved

From your garden to my living room


You fore show as smile after tears

Loud crispy so young girl

Heart full of joy

Warm love fragrance

Laugh reckons your best ornament

You bring us aroma of honey soil

Next rain with blooming orchids

Stir in melody of music beats

Many cloudy days

Few thunderstorms

Autumn spring summer count

You blink as rainbow in winter day

Wild bright posy reflecting you

From your garden to my living room.

Beauty in wilderness


It’s promising with naked eyes,

No cook up lashes and arch brows,

Rosy lips will go with winds,

What stays in me is wilderness.

It runs along the water stream,

No need to clip my gusty hair,

Heaving good they with conifers.

Voice matches up to thunderstorm,

Lighting gives an extra flash,

Drew this picture in back of my head,

What calls beauty is always Raw.

Enough Sunshine in My Heart


Sunrise thumping on her window,

Breaking through heavy curtains,

Here she is packing for expedition,

Carrying enough sunshine in her heart.

To reach horizon and see world with new vision.

But days getting cloudy with rainy noon’s,

Shadows lag behind and she saved few beams,

Time she was drenched in trembling legs,

Roads ahead were ceased due to storm,

She fell many times in dark tunnel,

Hope was leaving with eyes full of tears,

Only a breaking dawn can let her rise,

And fill her heart with enough sunshine.


(Picture Courtesy: Myself)