It sounds funny:

“It’s just in your head”

making me wonder the route it followed,


Your behaviour

your interaction

your statement

made room in my heart head

coz I chose to pay attention

whatever it’s been said and done

by you.






Why  not walk on this road? Why you stop suddenly

Why you not polite? Why you laugh so much?

Why you wear red? Why not put some gloss?

You better off here, it was good without you.

Why do you have so many doubts? Why there is no answer?

Why you came early? Why you late again?

Why can’t you speak for yourself? Why you talking so much?

You are no good enough to stand alone!

Why can not you be a part of group?

Why there is no plan?

Why you eat fast and walk slow?

Why you smile in mirror?

And why you cry in middle of nowhere

All these periods and question marks trapped me,

It took many years to realize and emerge as Me.

I don’t care what you do, where you go

When you wake up, where you sleep.

As long as you don’t cross my path.

I am no good at answering,

So leave the questions before you enter in my entity.