My first instinct when I see a living being, “Hello”


P.C. myiphone#


This beauty


5 °C with sunshine, perfect to bike.

This time I biked without my runkeeper app to trace my activity, reason, it was exhilarating to bike with no fellow bikers. I felt like a queen of the road. The only time I reached to my pocket to get my phone to capture this moment.

P.C. myiphone#



 After dwindling years of life

Damsel of lower valley side

Bewilder eyes with anguish heart

Look around to dwell for night

Only gamut timber roof plus swamp floor

Seems an endeavor to revive dear

Let empty walls gild by stories

Soothing wind chimes for glittery evenings

Shining windows nonce itself as wide mirror

Not a soul to judge, nobody to please

 And myself walk naked here.

Spring rain


Ran to catch shimmer on leaf

Chase back blue butterflies

Stood still look up to sky

Sunlight playing peek-a-boo

Shrugged shoulders, shook my head

Swinging through those corn fields

Wind is pushing all backwards

Does not know me well enough

Stretch both arms in open air

All set to embrace drizzling drops

Nostrils pump with misty soil

Shivering breeze on narrow spine

It’s no mirage, I touch the clouds.