It sounds funny:

“It’s just in your head”

making me wonder the route it followed,


Your behaviour

your interaction

your statement

made room in my heart head

coz I chose to pay attention

whatever it’s been said and done

by you.





Do not like me if you  do not like me

when you pretend and lie

as a friend of mine

for a moment of time

I fall for it





And then again it hurts.

like the last time

and time before

So do not like me if you do not like me.



We made promise


 When all of them came together,

started admiring, wondering,

all  about house with big garden

 some gave  tips to buy new car,

nice vacation other side of world.

But luckily  for us we are alive,

not blinded, be-fooled 

well aware of root cause,

what happens meanwhile? 

when they busy making merry,

heart cries over for ignorant minds,

we fight over disagreement of wise

rather than a fancy glass table.

Our plan based on true nature of earth,

Instead to look platinum ring,

Thus I know why our love is stronger,

as we share same dream

to make world a better place.

© ikbenmanisha25

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Coup de grâce


Wrathful desire

of skeptic heart

how I caress

crave for fidelity

ebony deep down 

raven in welkin

 fluttering claret 

roving tab

utmost whisper

here my love

set stage

sign farewell

peculiar  goodbye



in moment 

Coup de grâce

© ikbenmanisha25