He can who thinks he can by Orison Swett Marden, an amazing book. I started listening to this audiobook and specifically stumbled upon where he talks about finding passion in middle age( 25-40 age group). I can correlate here, felt uplifting, reconciled and encouraging same time. I guess I did not start with a great expectation and now I could not withhold myself mentioning it.

So there is this simple definition of passion I learned, “something you would do for free” Just in one line, simple to apply and it has the depth to understand. Passion is not a something one is born with or imposed upon and hoping it will grow with the help of right supplements at a time. The much I understand, it’s shaped by our choices, influenced by our environment and nurtured by education.

To have a fair chance, accessibility to the faculties, equal opportunities, and assistance to those who need it. To promote this ideology, implementation, and realization on the global scale is something I find myself passionate about.

We all get angry, disappointed, sometimes ashamed, sad by seeing the disparity, dishonesty, irresponsibility which can take people’s life, leave them devastated. Incidents which can easily be prevented still happens and yet we can not do much except to complain, debate over coffee or discuss at a dinner table, share it on Facebook, sign a pledge at most. Nothing happens this way, not really and we move on to the next breaking news, discussion, agenda and so on.

There is awfully much written about the subjects of our interests, we all have the information, and access to information but not the right knowledge. Unless we don’t acquire the knowledge of something we can not do much. Which requires some serious work at first, a dedicated time to educate ourselves, and then comes how do we apply that knowledge towards the passion.  And then also do not expect to be a star, get a recognition for the efforts.  Do the right thing, take a fair side. Remember it’s your passion we are talking about.

The idea which haunts me, is, if I am not doing(playing) fair if I am not reaching out for those who are underprivileged if my actions are not flagged with cordiality then my existence is nothing more than a cacophony in this bubble.

Only preaching would not help.




अफवाहों का जो इतना एहतराम है,
की खामोशियों से मुजरिम करार देती हो
शिकवे गीले सब छोड़ दिए तुमने
हसती जो अब संजीदगी से हो.


30 and turning back

In May I will turn 30. Many people are saying, it’s a magical age/year of whatsoever. But here is my story: I studied which I didn’t like much, it was confusing in 20s. I wanted to work or say earn money as soon as possible. Travel like most of the people aim to as the highest level of achievement. I am not here against travelling, but hey this is not what I aimed for. But what I aimed for I didn’t know either. So, I travelled couple of continents (few countries) I still couldn’t figure out, “what I wanted to figure out”.

I could not stand by the concept of working somewhere or something I have no interest. Keep changing jobs, cities, countries, still a big question mark. In the meantime the good thing happened I met my husband (that’s a different story, some other day)

It took a while, years actually since I moved to Netherlands, I had plenty of time to think, read, write and realize. Do I keep moving like this because I am in late 20′(years back) and there is no turning back?? At a point I was kind a happy with my part-time job, new friends, new place, etc.,

Until one day when I could not reply a simple question, what are your plans now? I was blank, I did not know. And that was the moment of denying that I am too old to restart. I said to myself if a professional success so much important, then I want to do something which I enjoy, a chance to solve problems, learn new things instead of just a social status to fit in a monetary race, a competition of supremacy. The list is endless.

I enrolled myself to a language school to learn Dutch language, there I met new people, new ideas and finally after a lot of brain storming and research I decided to study Brain and cognitive science at university of Amsterdam. Thus, I applied there for September 2016 session, now waiting for final decision that will be made by the end of June. Fingers crossed.

Now, all of my friends are busy with motherhood, parenting, schooling for their kids and here I am going back to start.

PS: I read somewhere, ‘life starts after 40 until then it’s just a research.’ I am still not too late.