Confession of a Shopaholic.

I decided not to look, keep a distance, may be shun it,

But that’s not how it works, it’s an addiction to keep coming back,

Hang in there again and wait to disappear with closing curtain,

No no no 

I have to find a way, way without rules, rules can be harmful,

Why I strive so much when I have all I need,

Need is not matter, I am greedy for more,

More which is never less,

Less is no enough, I ain’t concern for today, it’s tomorrow in my list.

List which is endless, endless like desires of wild heart,


I tried again today not to look, not to think how much I want,

Yet it made a comfy room in my head,

Head which is in possession of thoughts,

Thoughts which incurred last time I was looking at,

Will it go away, the urge, the addiction?








Ever wonder, doors you walk in everyday

why they seem different today?

I turned around and looked at the wall

adjacent to with big plant blooming.

When did this happen, asked myself

It was same door I walked out in noon.

Or am I at wrong house number?

scratched my head and asked again??

Since when I liked green paint on door,

it’s all confusion of my own house

So I decided to juggle myself

some brainstorming can works wonder,

Might help to understand this situation

After couple of minutes, see it was easy

as I convinced myself it can not be delusion

of last night’s wines which I had little much

Neither I can be this forgetful to mark changes

which I might have added last week of month

Anyways without further due I must act fast

before my evening which had some plans get ruins

and top of that later I blame on my gypsy soul.

While all these ideas and thoughts in my head

I did realize one of many side effects 

of  very infamous Insomnia.

Everything at place like years before

only I need some goodnight sleep.

Though not sure, if I wonder tomorrow again.