Coup de grâce


Wrathful desire

of skeptic heart

how I caress

crave for fidelity

ebony deep down 

raven in welkin

 fluttering claret 

roving tab

utmost whisper

here my love

set stage

sign farewell

peculiar  goodbye



in moment 

Coup de grâce

© ikbenmanisha25



For us


 Time has passed,days are gone, but memories of us are still so fresh.

You holding my hand while walking on the road, I hide your things and make you mad..

Those memories are still so fresh.

 We fighting over our favorite hero’s and making up with colorful candies.

And share our secrets and abide in a promise to search for the treasures.

Those memories are still so fresh..

 Laugh our heart out together,  stay mad alone but always share the tears in joy.

You always there by my side no matter how hard were days.

So those memories are still so fresh..

 Everyday  waking up together and staying up late to scare boogeyman

Mornings were always bright , rainbows at clouds

We share our dream to touch  and brisk in sunshine

I look back those days and realize how fresh the memories are.

 Those hugs were warmest and kisses were  purest.

Fights were fun, wounds were medals,

Promises were genuine, fairies were real

Those memories are still so fresh..

 In long summer days just roam around

Keep count of trees with running bus

To swim in little ponds, playing hide & seek

Those memories are still so fresh..

 Luckily with you things are remain same… but still I would say those memories are still so fresh