101 letters to me : second chance

“Nobody will hand you over the second chance, you have to earn it.”


You made impulsive decisions 10 years back, you did things which felt comfortable to you irrespective of their anticipation. But I am proud at you, you did what you wanted to do so no regrets. Since you got a second chance in life or shall I say you worked for it. Make the best of it, shape your life so that you wouldn’t need any other chances. Now follow the direction where head and heart in synchronization, you are not suppose to leave either in abandonment. Those who keep advocating ‘follow your heart’ have no idea what it likes when in the end your head makes a joke out of your life. My dear you’ve learned, life is a process which includes choices, decisions, filtering the clutter, prioritizing the satisfaction over comfort, hold your ground be reasonable, make mistakes but be sure to learn from them. Those lessons will ultimately lead you towards ‘second chance’ when there would be no more confusion, you will be focused enough to get where you aim to be.

Find the opportunity or feel the moment when your head and heart in sync, bang on. This is it. Work for it.

P.S: Keep smiling, you are beautiful that way.

With Love

Yourself xx

101 letters to me: Gardening

one of the most magical experience is witnessing seed germination.

You seems pretty well to me, so what you miss past few weeks some new photographs from ‘friends’ about their trip, dinner, wedding,etc or few status updates, may be copy pasted Leo Tolstoy or demolished version of Mark Twain or could be simple touchy feelings,’bought new shoes’ ‘yummy dinner’ ‘flight delayed’ ‘watching movie’ well this overwhelming emotional torture is never ending.

Let’s talk about what new things you’ve experienced, couple of days back you witnessed a tiny root in your avocado pit which you placed in a water filled jar with help of toothpick, wasn’t it exhilarating? Your first own plantation from scrap. And today morning was double bonanza to see macroscopic thyme petals. It gives a hope of life, changes, start and moreover happiness, a happiness within yourself, happiness directly connected with nature. An encouragement to keep moving, nourish your brain so that it can bloom. it will be a gradual process in the direction of self discovery. But hey be hopeful and do more gardening.

With warm regards,