Board games

Board games
are conjectures to bring us together
around one table with different stools
of mismatching colors and sizes
to accommodate the evening full of stories
flow of laughter, unfolding secrets
wrapped in chance of losing
yet the utmost effort to win the hearts of
teenage love
sitting across with a baby monitor
from the competition you defy till today,
board games have their way of 
moments left untouched
in quest of future unseen.  


they said without worrying
where the stories come from
how the romance started
between our words
and dreams.
when love was plunging
on side table
in a crowded bar
there, the spark
of first chapter drafted.
write? I replied,
as long as we make
life together in different places
longing to home
staying alive in each other's
kisses and hugs
letting stories unfold.


And it hurts

 staring blankly at the ceiling continues
 longer than intended 
 swiping blink to the blank page
 opened on the PC since afternoon
 a struggle of editing thoughts
 make them fancy to save it as creativity
 or lie down and let it engulf 
 the enormity of living
 throbbing from lungs to heart
 a short distance but a circle of 30 years
 pain travels everyday same route
 picking up unhealed wounds 
 left to wander 
 what is to celebrate? 

Poem on depression

 Damsel is not in distress
 she is a victim of long-lasting depression
 from the time she could fathom emotions
 nature of their complexity, inability to express
 in a language understandable to all.
 A kiss on a peck or a touch of warmth
 in an attempt to rescue from worldly affair
 just not enough
 in the ally you saw, she was on quest of her 
 suicidal voyage
 100th time.
 The need for therapist is more of urgency
 rather a friendly privilege of listening ear
 unable to dissect the layers of pain
 imbibed in an onion ball.

Art site promotion.

I created this new website/blog for the love of abstract art on canvas, where I will be posting my paintings which can also be purchased or commissioned. A preview of one such work and many more will come on my other WordPress site Make sure to follow and shower your love.

Thank you all

Gratitude wrapped in surprise

 sitting on her large open window,
 when wind brushes her hair as colour strokes 
 scarlet red and brown
 on velvety face,
 surprising the soul of passer-by

 young one’s on street
 throwing paper planes
 taking off the dreams
 imagining landing spaces
 surprising minds of old
 catch thy glimpse of life. 

 flowing water through the pebbles
 laying deep in bottom
 shining blue, green colors
 leaves a mark on sand
 a clue to begin the joy of journey
 surprised white lilies
 took a dip in the sea. 

 books of life read, to be read
 making entry to shelf
 inquest to surprise, 
 newborn of the day. 

 tiny steps of ideas
 rushing up and down
 to avoid a settle 
 with a plan to surprise.